Artist Tape and Drafting Tape

Artist Tape and Drafting Tape

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Shop a variety of artist tape at Blick. Find artist tape for multiple purposes such as drafting tape, painter's tape, and adhesive dots.

Artist Tape 3/4 x 10yds

PRO-Tape Artists White Tape

Blick Drafting Tape - 1 x 60 yds

Scotch Painter's Tape for Delicate Surfaces - 3/4 x 60 yards

Performance Drafting Tape - 1 1/2

A low tack industrial grade masking tape with specially formulated adhesive system, Pro Drafting Tape is designed for the drafting and stationary

Pro Drafting Tape 3/4 x 60 Yard Roll

Pacific Arc Drafting Tape, 3/4 in. x 10 yd. roll. Multiple Uses

Scotch Blue Painter's Tape - .70” x 60 yds

Blick Drafting Tape - 1/2 x 60 yds

Glue Dots Glue Lines - 1, Pkg of 200

Scotch(R) Drafting Tape - Size: 3/4 x 400

Thin ARTIST TAPE 3/4 Drafting Paper Tape Board Console Masking

SP Bel-Art SP Bel-Art Write-On Label Tape Multi-Pack; 15yd

Pacific Arc - Drafting Tape - 3/4 x 60 Yard Roll

Art Supplies Painting Tape, Single Side Adhesive Tape