Glow in the Dark Camping Military Survival Markers With 4 Inch

Glow in the Dark Camping Military Survival Markers With 4 Inch

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These UGM (Universal Glow Markers) are great for marking equipment during camping and hiking. Easily find your items in the dark and avoid fumbling around in the dark! -Comes with 4" stainless steel ball chain and connector -Glow markers for your backpack, cooler, flashlight, jacket, keys, shoes -Non-Toxic, Rechargeable, Reusable, Waterproof -Made In the USA USES: Camping: Mark your tent, cooler, flashlight, backpack, or any other item you'd like to find easier in the dark. Daily Life: Attach to keys to easily locate them in your purse or bag. Attach to shoes, jackets, and zipper pulls. Place a different colored GLOW TAG on each doorknob to differentiate each room. So when you have a party or a sleep over, you can just say, the bathroom is the door with the blue GLOW TAG. How easy!!! SIZE: 0.4" (10mm) wide, 1.4" (35mm) long, 0.125" (3.18mm) thick LONG LASTING GLOW: These glow in the dark tags use only high quality glow and crystal clear epoxy resin. Clear resin lets light deep within the material to charge the tags producing a bright, long lasting glow. The high concentration of glow within the material will ensure a very bright, powerful glow for many hours. CHARGING: To charge the material, simply place it in direct sunlight or use a UV flashlight. The glow will start to show in partial darkness with the complete luminosity viewed in complete darkness. Once charged, the glow will be extremely bright for the first 5 minutes. It will gradually get dimmer and glow throughout the night for up to 12 hours. It can be charged over and over again for years of glowing fun! RECHARGEABLE AND REUSABLE: Requires no batteries and uses no chemicals like glow sticks that can spill or leak. Made right here in Houston, TX USA.

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