Krink K-42 Box Set (12 Markers)

Krink K-42 Box Set (12 Markers)

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Krink K-42 12 Colors Paint Marker Box Set

The 320PP Marker is the perfect tool for juicy paint application on almost all smooth and rough surfaces. The alcohol-based ink is quick-drying,

Molotow 320pp - 4-8mm (Permanent Paint Marker) Chisel Tip

KRINK MTA x Krink K-42 Box Set - Markers from Graff City Ltd UK

Master your mural with a hand-powered sprayer! With a Krink sprayer, you don't need electricity or a ton of brushes to paint a background. The big 5L Sprayer comes with a stainless steel wand and an adjustable brass nozzle that you can use for large-scale murals. Harnessing the power of a Krink sprayer takes some time, but once you understand the process, you will be able to create jaw-dropping marks on a large scale.

Krink Mini Sprayer (KMINISPRAYER)

Krink K-55 Acrylic Paint Marker Box Set of 6

Krink Classic Paint Markers & Permanent Ink Markers - The Art Dog Blog

Stylefile 12 Brush Marker Set (Main B)

High Impact Artwork - Krinks K-11 acrylic paint marker can be used to create eye-catching artwork. Together with a rich, bold and vibrant paint formula, you can create fine art works as well as murals and installations. Smooth Performance - The K-11 is an artist grade paint marker with exceptional performance and durability. These markers have permanent, high opacity water-based acrylic paint that flows easily and dries quickly.

Krink K-11 Acrylic Paint Marker Box Set of 12

Krink K-42 Box Set (12 Markers)

Krink K-42 Paint Markers features a broad-tip with valve action so you can lay down an abundance of color while regulating paint flow. The alcohol-based paint is permanent and opaque, offering vibrant colors that are fade and water resistant. Good for use on glass, metal, painted surfaces, and coated paper–best on smooth surfaces. 10 ml. capacity barrel, 3mm bullet tip. Handmade in the USA.

Krink - K-42 Opaque Permanent Paint Marker - Gold