Nomex Sewing Thread

Nomex Sewing Thread

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Also joining or repairing hoses and tubing. Tex - A thread's Tex refers to its thickness. If these other materials are significantlyless ormore heat

Our range of technical sewing threads and accessories

High Temperature Sewing Thread

100% Flam Retardant Fireproof Aramid Thread Nomex Sewing Thread

Nomex sewing thread, bonded and spun Nomex thread from Cansew

MilcTabe Nomex Sewing Thread

Nomex Thread Nomex® IIIA Sewing Thread (FR) - Hai Huei

Flame Retardant Yarns - Fire retardant aramid yarns, Fire

Industrial Sewing Thread from Worthington Industrial Products

FIREFLY® Sewing Thread – Textile Tech

100% ARAMID, Colours: 00024 (Dark Olive) in stock

Gutermann Threads: 100% Nomex Aramid, 5000m Cone

Industrial Nomex Sewing Thread For High Temperature Industrial

Nomex Thread-10 yards