A tranquil village – Tuanshan Village

It is different with other places in China, Tuanshan village is a very quiet village.
Tuanshan is often referred to as Family Zhang’s Garden, because Zhang Family from Jiangxi Province immigrated here for business since the Ming Dynasty, so Tuanshan village has preserved a great number of ancient and traditional architectures.
The World Monuments Fund is attempting to preserve the historically important, and largely intact, village before it is demolished to make way for more ‘new-old’ restoration works. Can you image that you can touch those ancient architectures, when you walk in the lane, it feels like you are back to hundreds years ago. I’ve been there with my friend, there are not so many tour group, and the local inhabitants are so kind.
By the way, you can take minivans to Tuanshan village, at the same time, you can visit the Double Dragon Bridge, the bridge was built during the reign Qianlong.