Explorer un mariage traditionnel de cérémonie Yunnan

Few days ago, our guests had the privilege of attending a Traditional Yunnan ceremonial Wedding in Dongchuan, it’s been a great experience to see the authentic culture and traditions ,and will always find a way shine through. That’s in a break for our overview in Dongchuan landscape sightseeing.


They are really welcome and nice people for the overwhelming kindness. The journey getting there was laughable, the wedding day itself was awesome, and the trip back to the city was also laughable.

I’ve attached few pictures below that Celeste and I shot, hopefully it’ll give you a glimpse of what a traditional ethnic minority wedding looks and feels like. it was an adventure not to be forgotten for our trip in Yunnan, the food, the Traditional Red color, the beautiful and unique bride, all these will become a beautiful leave memory in Red land Dongchuan.