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Jianshui located in southeast Yunnan, 220km southeast of Kunming and 117km northeast of of Yuanyang. With a 1200-year history, Jianshui is rich in cultural heritages from the ancient time. There are numerous buildings of historic value and places of interest, including over 100 temples, academies of classical learning and huge residences, which are still kept in good condition. Once an important center of Yunnan and an obligatory stop on route from Kunming to Vietnam, the Dai kingdom of Xishuangbanna and the edge of the Chinese empire, Jianshui grew on the profits of its lucrative position as a center of trade.

Chaoyang Tower

 The town’s extensive architectural legacy bears witness to this former glory, and charms those few visitors it does receive. You can take your time to stroll at old streets and see ancient houses and wells at your pace.

Jianshui Old Town

With a total area of 20k sq.m and a floor space of 5k sq.m, The grand complex is a typical local residence with distinctive features. As it was built by Zhu brothers in the late Qing Dynasty. You can even stay overnight at the guestroom of Zhu Family Courtyard House. 28 delicate traditional guestrooms are opened to the tourists. The atmosphere and surrounding are incomparable to any other hotels. Many movies were once filmed there.

Built in 1389AD, it stands in the center of city as the symbol of this ancient military town in the southeast border and an emblem of Jianshui. Its significance to Jianshui is t

Three Wells

he same as that of Tian’ Anmen to Beijing. The Arch was built as the town’s east gate tower (The Yinghui Gate). Through 600 years’ vicissitude, the Chaoyang Gateway Arch is the only extant tower. Today, it is a public cultural center of Jianshui County.


The biggest temple in Yunnan.Located near the north Gate of Jianshui. Its scale is second only to that of the Qufu Confucius temple in Shandong Province and is now one of the provincial historical relics.