Impression Dali

I have heard about Dali since I was very little.In my mind,it is an ancient kindom with very splendid and glorious history.It is so well-known as to attract millions of visitors from home and abroad every year.Thus,I am just one of them who have been longing to pay a visit to this city.Last week,I got this chance of business trip to make it finally happen.Dali has been the political,economic and cultural center as well as the capital of Nanzhao and Dali kingdom for hundreds of years.It was once known as the Capital of Buddhism,as Bufddhism was prevailing for some 500 years in the area.Besides,Patron God worship is also practiced.

We got there very early.So its not very crowded as there were not so many p  The first thing to come into my eyes is the huge entrence gate and the big city walls.It’s really beautiful.You can really imagine how it was like when It’s still a kindom here one thousand years ago.