Montagne Xiushan-Une terre sacrée et tranquille

I’m from Tonghai,a county located in the middle south of Yunnan Province.For a local like me,Xiushan mountain is like a shining star in the sky,a bright pearl inlaid in the peaceful land inhabited by Han and many minorities like Yi,Dai,Hui and Mongols.The scenery here has been appealing to people nearby and I’m one of them. The landscape here looks like a beautiful picture. In the front, Qilu Lake has shining glistening lights of waves. In the middle, the houses in the county look dignified. And Xiushan Moutain behind appears green. It is characterized South Yangtze River scene.

Xiushan Mountain

Xiushan park is a large temple park in the style of China’s famous Holy Mountains, set on Xiushan mountain, overlooking Tonghai city and Qilu lake. Its total lack of cable cars, souvenir stalls and tourists make this park easily one of the most pleasant and laid- back in ChXiushan Mountain ina. Those relatively few monks and pilgrims there are, earnestly pray and leave offerings for the gods, simple yet beautiful gifts of flowers, rice, candles and incense. Meanwhile, the locals sip tea and play Mah-jong, Chinese chess and cards in the courtyards of the temples. Minimalist Bonsai gardens and ancient, gnarled trees of a variety of species, such as camellias, cypresses or firs, many of them held up by metal bars, add beauty and a kind of timeless charm to the place. Besides trees, dragons are the protagonists of the park, either wrapping their bodies around pillars, cavorting above doorways, or splashing in fountains. All in all, it’s a lush and peaceful place.foreigner visitors still attract the curiosity of the locals in these parts.

In Xiushan Mountain, the treXiushan Mountaines are luxuriant and well-spaced. It is a deep and quiet place with static temperature. You can see various flowers on the tree in spring, moving shadows of the tree in summer, whistling red leaves in fall and peculiar branches in winter. The mountain has different trees in different areas. At the north foot of the mountain, the green bamboo forests look like curtains. Walking along the rough passage, the light is quite dim even in the daytime. On the northwest mountainside, the green pines cover the sky and make it a extremely quiet place. On the west side, the mountain is covered by jungle and brushwood, which is an untraversed, peaceful and isolated region. The cedars and chestnuts are distributed in the east of the mountain, where the trees are so green and luxuXiushan Mountain riant that it is a best place for living in seclusion or strolling along. On the south of the mountain, the old and young pines look like moving green covers. The sound is ceaseless and you can find the amusement of listening to the sounds tastefully.