Tiger Leaping Gorge trekking- never stop your adventure

Tiger Leaping Gorge is an exceptional place. Remote, natural, cold and Chinese, sum up this little haven away from the busy working world.



Tiger Leaping Gorge, set to the backdrop of the majestic Jade Dragon and Haba Snow Mountains of China, is one of the deepest gorges in the world. The Jingsha River flows through its beautiful 10mi (16km) length, nestled between towering cliffs of up to 12,795ft (3900m). At its narrowest point near the mouth of the river, a large rock sits midway across the water. According to legend, a tiger was seen using this rock as a stepping stone, enabling it to leap across the river, hence its unusual name.


True or not, the natural beauty of the gorge and surrounding regions have stirred the imagination of many writers, artists and adventurers who have witnessed the exhilarating power of the gorge’s rapids and marvelled at the exquisite majesty of the cliff faces that drop headlong into the swirling waters.


The area was officially opened to foreign tourists in 1993 and has many trails for trekkers to explore.

The main hiking path extends the length of the gorge and is well-maintained and marked. It is used daily by the local Naxi inhabitants and is an ideal place to get a direct feel for the beauty of the region.

So by letting us be your guide you will contribute directly to local economies and help develop cross-cultural understanding.


Tips WHEN hiking in the Tiger Leaping Gorge: Only take with you what you will need for the trek. There are guesthouses at the beginning of the trek where you can leave your luggage and carry just a day pack of supplies. There are plenty of guesthouses along the way for food so take with you only bottles of water and snacks. 


Try not to go when the weather is bad. June / July are meant to be the best months. Take care on the narrow trails, especially those that run close to the edge.