Leisure Time in Vietnam Da Nang City

As the third largest city in Vietnam, Da Nang may be the best choice for tourists to enjoy coastal sightseeing. With good infrastructure and high-level holiday hotels, forests of coconut trees and beautiful beach, Da Nang is not only a place for tranquility and leisure but also a historical and cultural city with many previous world relics and ancient sites.  Far away from noise and heavy work tasks, you just need to enjoy the kind breeze and cold beer here.


I just took one and a half hour flight from Hongkong to Da Nang. As soon as I arrived this beautiful coastal city, I feel more peaceful than exciting. For the one whom grow up in mountainous area, sea and coconut trees just like my nice dream in childhood. The next morning in Da Nang, I witnessed the spectacular sunrise from calm sea. The red sun rose thinly and dyed the sky in magic and dreamlike color. My heart felt moved in that throb.


In the evening, I went to the famous seafood street that is located in Hoang Sa Road. North to Pham Van Dong Road and south to Vo Van Kiet Road, seafood street gave me impressed and surprised experience. With crowded people and gentle sea breeze around, I tasted delicious fried crabs and shrimps and drank cold beer with my friends. I quite enjoyed my leisure time here.

Next, I headed to Hoi An Ancient Town for 40 minutes, which is just 30 kilometers from Da Nang. As a World Cultural Heritage,  Hoi An is like a Chinese ancient town in another country. Red lanterns and Chinese-style buildings made me feel familiar and warm. The widely distribution of ancient buildings in Chinese or Japanese style represent the cultural mix and harmony. Tourists can appreciate ancient traditional culture and strong local favor at the same time here.

About the transportation in Da Nang, renting a motorcycle will be a nice experience. As for taxi, there are three colors of taxi in Da Nang City: white, green and yellow. The price of white taxi is highest and that of yellow taxi is lowest.