Le premier Rêve et Amour sont tous mis à Dali.

The first dream and love are all put in the place belonging to wind, flowers, snow and moon.

On July 20th, we, a crowd of people took the train K9636 to depart for Dali. No one ever told me what story would happen there; and none of us knew we would thoroughly fall in love with travel because of Dali. First meet with Dali made me love it as how I feel to my hometown. Until now, Dali is still the most unforgettable spot to me.

So many people are yearning for the ancient town of Lijiang or prefer the freedom and leisure of Liiang but I believe anyone who has ever been to Dali has its own demeanor. Dali differs from Lijiang; it doesn’t extend in all directions. Nevertheless, Dali is still the best in my heart as it’s so peaceful and not commercial. Or maybe the romantic stories concerning Duanyu, Jinhua and Apeng which we Chinese people are familiar with touch me.      

Flowers of Shangguan, wind of Xiaguan, snow of Cangshan Mountain, and moon of Erhai Lake, summarized by the four characters “flower, wind, snow, moon”(风花雪月), are printed in every corner of Dali.

I had dreamed of coming to Dali when I was a little girl and planted to learn  Six pulses god sword from Duanyu in Dali Kingdom. But when I arrived there, I wasn’t so excited. On the contrary, I was at peace. Maybe it is a place to calm you down. Fellows we came there together were like a big family. And Dali warms everyone of us who held reams in that hard time.

There, the sky and the land are linked together. As a person preferring to wander here and there, I had seen much marvelous landscape. But only the color of Dali thrilled me most——on that day, the heave was just like the cotton candy, stretching to my heart.