Lac de Lugu- pour découvrir “Le Royaume des femmes”

Embraced by mountains around with zigzagging lakeshore, the islets in the Lugu Lake are usually 15 or 30 meters high above the surface, which are like green boats floating on the water when seeing at a distance. Among them, the Heywawoo Island, Rambie Island, and Rig Island on the side of Ninglang County are notable scjavascript:void(0);enic spots of the highest appreciation and touring value within the lake with the fame of “Three Islands of Penglai”. 


The Mosuo minority has its own language and culture, the most special one is their ‘walking marriages’. The concept for marriage, love, women, man and family is quite different from the traditional ones in other parts of China; people only hold a simple and fast ceremony with the presentation of the couples and one witness, after marriage, most of them do not live together, they will stay living in their homes.

There is a Mosuo custom now performed for the tourists, where a bonfire is lit nightly and a song and dance show is put on. The songs are traditional and sung in a high-pitched voice and the high-spirited dances.The men here are usually called ‘ A Zhu’ and the wowen are called ‘A Xia’ , they work and live as usual and the men only come out to the home of ‘A Xia’, and the doors will only be opened for their lover ‘A Zhu’ after confirming their own secret signals, and then they date and have private time (accompanied by a flute) are usually in a circle around the fire.


From Luoshui Village, you can take Pig-trough boat cruise to visit these islets, which will give you the chance to get close to these beautiful and mysterious islands on the Lake and to appreciate the splendid scenery around the lake from the angle in the center of the lake.