Tour de Terre Rouge Dongchuan: Un Lieu impressionnant

I and  my parents traveled to Kunming Dongchuan Red Land last month. There were charming natural sceneries, so it gave me a memorable experience.

Dongchuan Red Land is located in Huashitou country, Xinxiang town, Dongchuan district, Kunming, Yunnan province. Dongchuan Red Land was praised as “God’s palette”. We arrived at Hongtudi Luoxiagou Chunqiu Hotel of Dongchuan Red Land at 8:00 pm, 11, May, 2016. We slept well at the hotel while it made me feel at home.


The second day, we didn’t find direct buses then transfer to hire a private car with our tour guide by yunnan exploration. River Snail Bay was our first stop, the fasinating field with morning sunshine just caught our eyes in a breathing moment. I’ve attached few pictures below that we shot, hopefully it’ll give you a glimpse of what Dongchuan Red land looks and feels like. it was an adventure not to be forgotten for our trip in Yunnan, the food, the land in red color, the beautiful and unique field landscape with fresh air, all these will become a beautiful memory in Red land Dongchuan. The second stop was The Hit Horse Hole Sunrise. There were swarmed with green corps, and red land covered by these corps. The red sun appeared warmly and we were bathed in the morning sunshine. In the afternoon, we went to the Tiled House Bridge Sunset. It was the best place to see the sunset of Dongchuan’s red fields. And then we went to Sunset Valley, it was surrounded by mountains and looked like a sunken depression.

After enjoying the natural scenery of Dongchuan. We were all looking forward to the next arriving one day. It was really an unforgettable travel.