Spécialités de Yunnan

Regions Representative Cuisines
Kunming Steam pot chicken, small pot rice noodle, stewed waterless rice noodle, roast rice cake, Guandu rice cake, Yiliang roast duck, Kunyang pot-stewed duck, Chenggong pea flour, rice noodle with tofu pudding, flower cake, etc.
Qujing Xuanwei ham(宣威火腿), Zhanyi spicy chicken, steamed shredded rice cake, fried potato.
Yuxi The Three Dishes from Jiangchuan,  Chengjiang lotus root flour, Kanglang fish, copper pot fish, big head carp, cold rice noodle, waxgourd candied fruit, oil and spicy preserved tofu, bean foam sugar, fried termitornyces albuminosus heim, cold porridge.
Zhaotong Gastrodia elata stewed chicken, Zhaotong paste.
Baoshan Tengchong fried rice cake, Baoshan mung bean, rice flour roll.
Lincang Chicken rice, rice cake roll, thin bean flour, Yunnan black tea, Papaya stewed chicken
Pu’er Edible wild herbs, rice noodle, dishes featuring ethnic minority specialty.  
Lijiang Lijiang baba(rice cake), Yongsheng buttered tea, Naxi roast fish, preserved spareribs, spirulina, Lijiang sausage, yellow bean noodle, Lijiang salmon, Pipa meat, Jidou pea jelly salad.
Chuxiong Wild fungus, Yi ethnic dishes.
Dali Bai style three-course tea, Yunnan goat cheese, river water boiled fish, Erhai lake seaweed, rice noodle with pork, roast rice cake, Midu pork tenderloin, silver fish.
Nujiang Nujiang fish, pomegranate, chestnut, flagstone soba cake, liquor stewed egg.
Diqing Buttered tea, barley wine, Tibetan bacon meat, dried dairy products
Honghe Mengzi crossings bridge rice noodle, Jianshui roast tofu, Kaiyuan mini rice flour roll, Mengzi sweet pomegranate, Hekou mini rice flour roll, Shiping tofu.
Wenshan Pseudo-ginseng stewed chicken and other pseudo-ginseng dish series, sour soup with chicken, sour soup with beef, wild fungus, roast rice cake, colored sticky rice.
Dehong Dai-style dishes, Dai-style bamboo rice, pineapple rice, cold beef with rice noodle, milk-rice juice, Mangshi reserved vegetable and fruit, tropical fruit.
Xishuangbanna Dai-style bamboo rice, pineapple rice, fresh bamboo shoots, ant eggs, wild fungus and tropical fruit.