Dali: une ville que vous allez absolument aimer

I went to Dali with my best friend, in January, 2014. That trip could be described “hard and sweet”. And in my view, Dali is a city everyone is sure to love!

At that time when I went to Dali, I was still a junior student of a university. I was born in Sichuan, since I got admitted to a university of Yunnan, I figured it must be a pity if I had never gone to Dali, the so-called fairyland. That’s why I chose Dali to visit and the truth proved that my decision is really correct. Dali will never let anyone down.

We departed from Dali at 9:00 in the morning, but there was a heavy traffic jam. So when we arrived at Dali, it’s already 11:00 at night. Behind schedule time, we felt things full of twists and turns were worth waiting and going through. We even saw beautiful mountains covered with snow on the way.

As we all know, there is a Chinese saying “Wind, flowers, snow and moon are four gorgeous things in Dali”. Therefore, our first choice is to appreciate the natural beauty. On the first day, we reached Erhai Lake. Blue sky, white clouds and clear river of Erhai Lake looked like a heaven on earth. Such a beautiful scene made us drunk and delighted.

Our second destination was Dail Old Town, to experience the glamour of the ancient city. The strong sense of age in the Old Town increases the oriental appeal. The sound of drums in stores pleased us and girls with garlands beautified the town.

It is said that Dali is a place best for romantic encounter. Indeed, it is. Because Dali is so relaxing and peaceful, there is no doubt it’s fantastic to run across right person.

To sum up, Dali deserves your visit no matter how you are.