Forêt de Pierre Yunnan – Capturer la nature de Yunnan

Going to Yunnan? While in the biggest city of Yunnan- Kunmming. You will never forget the Stone forwest wonders.
Situated in Lunan County, Stone Forest is 100 kilometers far from Kunming City. Besides it’s crown as a famous UNESCO, Shilin is more in her nature wonders for boundless stones.  You will be amazed by how they be bulit, the solemnly and magnificently with green trees embraced.
The magicalCool Karst wonders have been sculpted by surface erosion in a history way. While in Western China, Karst physiognomy is normal, but the lanscape differs. Stone forest in Shilin is formed by Yunnan’s spring climate, mild wind, and diversity of botany.
You will be guided by the rugged but recognized road. The stone in different pattern. Small or big, abustle or quite, the massive & spectacular landscape will give you a deep breathing in a ground way.
Just like Yunnan province itself, Shilin shares much of its border and geology which surround by mountain and rivers in God’s bless.
One more, the legend of Ashima as a love story in Shilin, has been widely read by thounsands of people.  A beautiful girl of the Yi people. After falling in love she was forbidden to marry her chosen suitor and instead turned into a stone in the forest that still bears her name
The nature lanscape, the culture, the welcome people in Shilin, all these will become a beautiful leave memory in Shilin, beautiful Kunming, Yunnan exploration.