La Mémoire de Puzhehei

    Having taken bustling tourist bus, gone to the noisy old city, climbed over the towering peaks, what had left an unforgettable memory in my mind is the flowing water and the lotus under the sunshine and the dragonfly we captured together, what’s more, the festival “Monihei” instead.

    I remember the first time I heard about Puzhehei was when I am in the third year of high school. Under great pressure, we watched the reality show “Where’s Dad” to have fun and relaxed. I love that boundless blue sky, clear deep river and lush lotus under bright sun. Since then I could not swipe it out from my heart. I know that I would come there soon or later.

       We moved because of experience; we experienced because we want to have.

       The joy we had is the spring of our heart, flowing slowly and lingering around for a very long time. I can still remember very clearly that the blue slipper which A Zeng had worn out because of his excitement. And amazingly that there were times when he was on the edge of slipping into the water and we used hand-made net to catch dragonfly and butterflies, I was wondering whether the specimens are still alive.

    That the lotus under the sun, tender and beautiful, sunny and health.

    That flowing river under the night, made us full of joy even though we had frozen feet.

    The stone from the distant down into the water, sparked a lot of waves.

    Because of accompany, every step we have walked on became meaningful; and also we became excited because our little star “Kimi”.

    Additionally, we experienced the warm welcomed expression even with black stranger.

    Lotus, mountains, water, streams … the memory of good, the memory of Puzhehei.